An illustrated guide to the worst computer viruses in history
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Computer Virus Catalog (NSFW) shows artists' renditions of famous computer viruses.
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Warning! Nipples.
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but.. but.. no stoned ? Man, that one messed me up in 92 or 93..
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Woops! I missed the nipples. I guess working from home recently has dulled my NSFW senses. Could a mod put a warning in there, please?
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[Done! ]
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Also, I now have some interesting wallpaper choices for my desktop and iPad. Thanks.
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Fizz: The movie "Hackers" is filled with so many in-jokes that people think that it's just gobbleygook.

For example:

The Cookie Monster virus



Arf Arf (Scroll to: Variant:Arf, Christmas Violator, Violator, Baby )

There are other in-jokes, references, etc. but I don't remember them at the moment.
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The quality of the image is remarkable since DOS runs video in text mode.

Uh... oh, okay, yeah, I think I know what this meant. That's... a strange way to put it?
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Some of these seem like a prank played on a coworker who forgets to password their laptop but a lot more mean. Replacing everything with images of squids? Yes.

All those greedy keyloggers that steal your credit cards and the like that are so boring. They don't want to get noticed.

If you're going to ruin my day at least make my life a little more absurd while you're at it. The world needs more random squids.

I wish these had dates on them though.
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