Morph is Back
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Morph is a plasticine man, star of many short animated films made for the BBC from the 1970s onwards by Aardman Animations, who would later use the similar techniques for Wallace & Gromit. A Kickstarter campaign last year has paid for 12 new one minute episodes.

So far two have been posted onto the YouTube channel - Twin Decks and Brand New Hole - with a new episode to come every second Friday for the summer. Please enjoy these short and very inventive (mostly) silent films.
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I backed the kickstarter and so have seen all the new episodes. They are very good and I am very happy.
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The jokes are reminiscent of Roadrunner cartoons. (Which is a good thing.) I think the stark simplicity of the characters works in their favor, and not just because it make the animation easier.
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Had a bad day. Feeling happier (and more nostalgic) now. Thank you!
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These are lovely. My memory of Morph is from Take Hart; they were a strange little moment of whimsy in the middle of the show, a little how The Simpsons originally sat in the middle of The Tracey Ullman Show.

The jokes are reminiscent of Roadrunner cartoons.

Brand New Hole in particular feels like a riff on Chuck Jones; Twin Decks is just joyous.

(minor quibble with the tags: stopmotion, not motioncapture?)
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