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Una Baines' unreleased album with her band The Fates has been reissued by Finder's Keepers on vinyl. You may know Una Baines as the first keyboard player in the Fall, as a founding member of Blue Orchids or from a short lived stint in Nico's backing band. The Fates were a "women's group" operating at the intersection of post-punk, english mysticism, indie and folk. (Link goes to an interview at the defunct online Fall zine Reformation!)

Here is a review at The Quietus with a bunch of background info and great youtube links.

The first 4 songs on youtube:
Ceaseless Effort
Bridget of Ireland
Sheila - She Beats in My Heart

For some context, here is the Blue Orchids' classic and influential Bad Education.

The Fall's Bingo Master's Breakout

And The Blue Orchids backing up Nico in 82:
Waiting for My Man
All Tomorrow's Parties
(Live Video)
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I've always really liked The Fall, so this is interesting. The one Blue Orchids video that worked for me was good. The Fates videos are less my thing but knowing the background I'll give them a second try and see if they grow on me.
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Thank you, thank you, thank you. Loved Una since Live at the Witch Trials highlighted her "Snoopy Piano."

Dig her in action back in 1978!
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pitw- No problem! That's a much better link to show her rocking out with the Fall than my link.
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Una and her daughter show up in the comments section of The Quietus link!
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I adore these photos of Una and the early Fall (from The Wire magazine, May 2002)

kicking back at homeMES with tabby catearly live prole art "treat" more of the live mighty Fall
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