The adventures of Agnes Quill, the Victorian era young lady, and ghosts
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Sixteen-year-old Agnes Quill has inherited an ancient family curse, brought about by the loss of her parents. Several of our key scholars have accounted for and confirmed that she has the ability to see and communicate with spirits trapped between worlds. In several confidential journal entries, Agnes describes the events of her parents’ funeral, where the ghost of her Grandfather, Ages Quill, visited her. It was then that he explained the nature of specters and how he used his connections with them to great advantage throughout his career. Ms. Quill's stories are written by Astronaut Academy creator Dave Roman, and illustrated by a growing collection of artists. (via io9)
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Why are the parents/mother always dead at the beginning in stories like this?
posted by clockzero at 8:05 PM on July 22, 2014

Parents have a tendency to get in the way when one is trying to have awesome adventures.

Responsible parents do, anyhow. You could have Harriet the Spy's parents and still have adventures...

p.s. this is awesome stuff!
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I remember reading this years ago when it was still new, and thinking it had potential. But then I switched computers, I lost it from my list of bookmarks, and forgot about it. Thanks for bringing this up again.
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