"I mean, what does real liberation look like?"
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Mey from Autostraddle interviews actress and advocate Laverne Cox on her Emmy nomination, the epidemic of violence against trans women of color, and how to create a more supportive and loving community. posted by Juliet Banana (3 comments total) 13 users marked this as a favorite
The detail about the John Legend video is my favorite part.
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I have so much admiration for Laverne Cox. I find it pretty darn exciting that she is out there in pop culture as a role model (or 'possibility model' as I think she once called herself). Thank you for the post!
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From the writing on the intersection of gay and trans rights:

Laverne Cox: "I am a fan of unity across differences, because to tackle a long list of disparities – the ones that currently benefit the straight, white, cisgender, middle- and ruling-class patriarchy – requires broad coalitions to think, live, love and make policy differently."

*stands and applauds*
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