The turmoil of the day freezes in a thousand absurd postures.
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I'm not gonna lie, I was sort of hoping that this would be a production of Cats, as though it had been written and directed by Samuel Beckett.
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I cannot go on to the next image macro, I must go on...
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This is the thing I needed that I didn't know I needed until I had it. It's purrfect.
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In a similar vein: Pitch 'n' Putt with Joyce 'n' Beckett (SLYT, some NSFW language)
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This is the best of the internet.
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I was oblivious until this truth of our reality was opened unto me. Within its mangy claws I saw only cats.
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That reminds me, I have been looking for some Quantum Leap fan fiction in which Sam Beckett leaps into Samuel Beckett. Does this exist? Extra bonus points if almost all of the episode is him taking Andre The Giant on his to-school trips, and says something to him which, later in life, encourages him to appear in The Princess Bride.
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