The Art of Reputation Rehab
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How three Dicks from history have tried to change public perceptions of themselves after well, you know. This article compares Richard III, Richard Nixon, and Dick Cheney. How Cheney's current efforts to rehab his reputation aren't working, how Nixon's interviews with David Frost actually helped, and Richard III... well, I'm not sure WHAT the writer is arguing over this one. Any thoughts as to what he meant?
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This post was deleted for the following reason: This is thin and this framing doesn't work, sorry. -- restless_nomad

He meant to cash in on the current wave of Richard III interest.
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The only explaination for Cheney's actions during his tenure is that he's secretly a deep cover forgein agent looking to undermine the US at home and abroad.
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If interviewers are thinking they can maneuver Cheney into responding to a gotcha guilt moment à la Frost/Nixon they're dreaming. Nixon seems effusively empathetic in comparison.
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Any thoughts as to what he meant?

That Richard whitewashed this crucial bit about how he came to be king.
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I hope that fifty years in the future, Cheney is known as the Hitler of our times. He is truly that hateful.
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Really? An article depending on a euphemism for male anatomy - spanning six centuries, and from thedailybeast?

I am no fan of Nixon or Cheney but this seems a thin premise.
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I wasn't aware Cheney's been trying to rehab his rep. Seems to me he's been beating the same war-mongering, American-exceptionalist drum as ever, all while calling Obama a weak president (which I wouldn't necessarily disagree with, but anyone to the left of Vlad the Impaler is probably considered weak by Cheney.)
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... move right along to the third of our Dicks, Richard Nixon. ... here is a man whose misdemeanors came to torment him. And, eventually, who repented ... the former president reaches within himself and confesses that he let down the American people (and himself) by overseeing the Watergate break-in.

Um, repented? I don't remember it perfectly, but I think the author might be overselling Nixon's performance.
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Sys Rq: is it far from settled that Richard killed the Princes.
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Right, but one of the things that points to Richard as a main suspect is that he swept it all under the rug.

...and/or stairs
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