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Lizzie Miles (1895-1963) was a blues singer from New Orleans. (Her music was recently featured during the closing credits of Blue Jasmine.) Less well-known are her two half-siblings, blues singer Edna Hicks (1895-1925), and jazz trumpeter and vocalist Herb Morand (1905-1952).

Lizzie Miles:
Eh La Bas
My Man O'War
I Hate A Man Like You
Some Of These Days

Edna Hicks:
Sad 'n' Lonely Blues
I'm Goin' Away (Just To Wear You Off My Mind) - with brief bio introduction; record starts around 1:10
You've Got Everything A Sweet Mamma Needs But Me
I Don't Love Nobody So I Don't Have No Blues

Herb Morand:
Root Hog Or Die - with the Harlem Hamfats (on vocal and trumpet)
Oh! Red - with the Harlem Hamfats
I Ain't Gonna Give You None Of My Jelly Roll - with the George Lewis Jazz Band (on vocal and trumpet)
If You're A Viper - with the George Lewis Jazz Band
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Thanks for this. I loved that Blue Jasmine tune but never bothered to find out who sang it.
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Highest and best use of the Internet. I love this, thanks!
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This post has been excellent to listen to. Thanks!
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Some great music here, Orange Dinosaur Slide; many thanks for the post.
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