Now you can make the Kessel Run in less than 12...hours
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YouTube user crysisknife007 has apparently spent the last several weeks compiling 12 hour clips of various ambient (and some transient) sounds. Hits include 12 hours of keyboard typing, a hair dryer, and various alarm sounds, each lasting for 12 hours. But the real draw here is his collection of Extended Ambient Space Sounds. Many of your favorite spaceship sounds are here, from both the Star Trek and Star Wars universes, as well as Alien and 2001. Also notable: Jabba The Hutt laughing for 12 hours.
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Great ... But.

The creator doesn't seem to say WHICH TARDIS he created the ambient sounds from and that does make a difference as each incarnation of the Doctor has had a slightly different one.

/takes off geek pedant hat

Otherwise, I like. I like a lot.
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That Jabba one is gonna be great. I needed something for the gym.
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12 hours of Star Trek alert sounds = ghost ship
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It's OK, I reckon that's the Tom Baker (ie: correct) TARDIS.
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10 hour dentist drill

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I was curious about the length of the loops, so I loaded the audio of the hairdryer video into a spectral analysis program. At a high enough FFT transform size you can see the seams where the clip was looped. It turns out this was only a 46.9 second loop.
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If anyone wants 12 hours of a dog barking I'll just start recording out my window at 6:00 PM and stop recording at 6:00 AM and then you can hear my goddamn neighbor's dog barking the entire fucking night. Just like I do.
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10 hour dentist drill

I clicked on it and listened to all of three seconds and my teeth started to hurt. That one is sheer terror.
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With headphones, the starcraft ambient noise loops very effectively send me to a distraction-free zone for heavy coding.

But he's gone off the deep end with the gargling.
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I'm told that there is a small market of sounds that very young children often find soothing such as clothes dryers, vacuum cleaners, and so on. Young parents buy hour long loops to help their children fall asleep.

Somewhere out there is a baby who will only stop crying and fall asleep to the sound of Jaba laughing.
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Really nice. This Nostromo one is perfect for working to.

Hey...what's this egg?

It's like a greenhouse in here all of a sudd-- [NO CARRIER]
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