Is this a real chance at campaign finance reform
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Is this a real chance at campaign finance reform or are we just in for more partisan back and forth that in the end won't change much of anything? (NY Times link) And how long will the "Enron effect" last?
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Is this a real chance at campaign finance reform ...

Hehhehe-he ... Oh. I'm sorry. You were serious.
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R. Nader, aka the jolly Green Giant, noted two days ago that after White Water there were 32-34 specific recommedations sent to Congress to get things in better shape. Two were passed. But, on the other hand, this scandal involves both parties and thus is likely to become the Big One. Thus far Congress seeems likely to pass over GOP objections a campagin reform bill, which, I assume,Bush would not dare to veto now.
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Bush has previously stated that he would sign it if congress passed it, but he is against it.
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Sad thing is that any campaign reform bill likely to become law would be so full of hype and empty of substance as to have no positive effect, and would just increase beaurocratic bloat as Congressional committees are formed to investigate alleged abuses.

What we'll never get is a simple, single-page piece of legislation that is clearly written, difinitive, not subject to loophole maneuvering, and is actually effective.
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My apologies, I am mistaken...

"President Bush has not promised to sign the legislation", White House spokesman Ari Fleischer reiterated yesterday, 'The president has made it very clear to Congress that they cannot count on him to veto campaign finance reform.'"
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I would prefer that they not interfere with my right to support the politician of my choice.
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