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DakhaBrakha electrifying vocal harmonies, beats and funky basslines.

Mixing traditional Ukrainian folk music with outside influences, they create a sound they call 'ethno-chaos'. Regardless of what you call it, their sound seems to reflect the mixture of hope and chaos in Ukraine. They look like they are going to be very serious, but they have a great sense of humour (cf. Take Away Show).

Although they don't make their shows explicitly political, the band were involved in the Euromaidan protests, playing music and even making borscht for the protesters. They are a product of the Dakh theatre (previously, Euromaidan footage), and have been touring internationally for the past few years.

Press reports of their recent gig at the WOMAD music festival say that the crowd was ecstatic, seemingly unexpected by the band. There is some footage of the crowd reaction on their (public) Facebook page.

Beautiful videos:
Karpatsky Rap YT Vimeo

Nad Dameam YT Vimeo

Take Away Show (a couple of live tunes played to a nonplussed Kyiv audience) YT Vimeo

Take Away Show Outtakes Vimeo

Youtube channel

Youtube playlist

All the albums are available to listen to on Bandcamp and most are available on iTunes

Na Mezhi (album) available on their website

Live concerts:

Roskilde 2013 YT
Washington 2014 YT mp4

NB. The hats are not traditional Ukrainian head wear. They made them because 'they thought they would look good'.
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Excellent, cheers.
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Free show in downtown L.A. coming up on September 5, for anyone who digs this.
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heh I was just googling about them yesterday! Thanks for the post.
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dang, yo.

amazing stuff - thank you.
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Starting playing the video and every hair on my arms rose in frisson (which is a considerable feat, let me tell you). Thanks for posting!
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love me some dakhabrakha, thanks for this!
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