Smackdown 1973
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Behold the five Oscar-nominated Supporting Actresses of 1973: a "bitchin' babe" (Candy Clark), a pint-sized con-artist (Tatum O'Neal), a possessed teenager (Linda Blair), a selfish carnival dancer (Madeline Kahn), and a vinegary New York institution (Sylvia Sidney). A roundtable discussion at The Film Experience.

Mark Harris, Karina Longworth, Bill Chambers, Kyle Turner, Nathaniel R, and Dana Delany discuss the nominees.

See also: Smackdowns 1964 and 1941,
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Whoops, I missed a few other smackdowns: 1952, 1968, 1980, 2003.
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How was Tatum O'Neal a supporting actress in Paper Moon?
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Incidentally, Paper Moon is getting pulled from Netflix tomorrow, so you should go stream it RIGHT THIS SECOND.
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Never mind the '73 best supporting actresses, here's the Sex Pistols the '69 costume nominees!
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They make that point at the end, octothorpe.

And though it is the single most blatant case of category fraud ever for an actress at the Academy Awards, it's a wonderful star turn in a great movie and the whole panel loved her... so it's hard to begrudge the win.

But why not include her in that year's oddly weak Best Actress lineup, AMPAS? Especially since she deserved to be there and there was room.

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That 1969 Oscar clip was fantastic! Eleanor of Aquitaine frugging with Henry II! I wish all the awards were presented this way!
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I miss Madeline Kahn.
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That I agree entirely with Dana Delany's opinions on this matter makes this long time China Beach fan super happy.
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The only criticism I have of this [Tatum O'Neal's] performance is that it doesn't belong in this category -- it's a lead.

Yes. This. Tatum's performance is the heart and soul of that movie. She should have been nominated as lead. Then, maybe, Kahn would have won Supporting. Such a great, great movie.
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I saw Paper Moon from the back of a Jeep Wagoneer at the Sno-King Drive-In buried under a single sleeping bag with my three sisters.

41 years later I'm still in kid love with Addie Loggins.

You still owe me two hundred dollars.

TATUM O'NEAL as Addie was the obvious lead, and really really good. It's one of many orphan tales.

It's a great movie.
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Hard to wrap my head around the fact that George Lucas managed (even accidentally) to direct someone to an oscar nominated performance.
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Alright, I'm streaming it. KAAAAAAAHHHN!
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Just returned to Pittsburgh after a long day of travel following the one and only cruise I've ever been on, which was with my aunt and sister. Our plane landed and Aunt Meryl was wiped out but we kids, then 12 and 16, were still not ready to crash so she took us to the old Stanley Theatre to see Paper Moon. We were exhausted but this movie put us in a kind of hypnotic state and we could not take our eyes off the screen. It was like nothing we'd ever seen before. Tatum did a good job but Madeline Kahn was priceless. I was fortunate to see her on Broadway a few years later in Twentieth Century, in which she glowed.

Goddamn it. Cancer sucks.
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And now the 52 discussion makes me feel like I "caahhnn stann" going another night without watching "Singing in the Rain" again.
Good stuff here.
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Paper Moon is a wonderful movie. One of my favorites. Has been for the last 30 years, and is a movie I will rewatch.
For some reason, I want to live in that movie. I want to be around those characters.
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