This is literally the greatest thing that has ever happened.
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On September 1st, Paul F. Tompkins officially checks in to the Superego Clinic For Analytical Pscience™ for the long-awaited fourth season of the group's comedy/improv podcast. Can't wait? There's good news! Throughout the month of August, Superego will be posting new unreleased material to hold you over, starting with part one of a new Behind The Bonus episode, featuring previously unreleased material ($1.99 download). There will also be new animated Superego Supershorts posted to their You Tube channel, and more. The Superego facebook page is also a flurry of activity, and you can even get a personalized post card.

Superego podcast, previously.
Paul F. Tompkins podcast, previously.
Superego and Paul F. Tompkins podcast projects, previously: 1, 2.
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Oh man, I hope there is more H.R. Giger. Also, Paul F. Tompkins seems to be in almost everything I listen to lately. Which is great! I am looking forward to This American Tompkins and How Tompkins works and Radiotompkins and Prairie Tompkins Companion with news from Lake Tompkins. Where the women have time machines and the men have astute mustaches.
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I hope we get a bunch of Andy Daly in the new season. That guy is the best.
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I'm a woman!
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Inky hued dinky feud!
Also, jeribus, have you listened to the Comedy Bang Bang episode with Matt Gourley (Ep #289)? So much giger.
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Those who enjoy the comedy stylings of Mr Tompkins might also enjoy his Speakeasy interview series with actors and other comedians.
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