Pocketknife and Cousin Cole - Tambourine Dreams and beyond
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Six and a half years ago, the duo of Pocketknife (Skooby Laposky) and Cousin Cole (aka Cousin Culo) released handful of remixes, edits and re-works, compiled under the name Tambourine Dream (Discogs) on their joint Flagrant Fowl label. The label only lasted a few years, and it seems the duo are now operating alone. Cole/Culo is still solidly in remix/rework territory, with self-selected highlights including the moombahton "So Emotional" & volume 2 mixtape/EPs he made with Phi Unit, while Laposky has ventured into a few tributes to Arthur Russell (Russell, previously), in the form of a mix of Russell's tracks, and releasing a recently discovered track (which he remixed as Pocketknife) on his label, Wilde Calm Records, where he also released an album of "piano not piano" house music created solely with a prepared piano and raw drum programming, under the name Boonlorm.
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For clarification, the Boonlorm album link is to the remastered and expanded version (with 1 new track) from Snow Dog Records, though the album was originally released on Wilde Calm.

For some more looks (listens?) back, Pocketknife uploaded a bunch of remixes back in 2008 to YouTube, and looking forward, Cousin Cole has a bunch of remixes on Legitmix, a curious service that helps users re-create remixes by essentially allowing remixers to sell "digital instructions" for reworking songs, addressing legality of remixes and giving (financial) credit to the original artists.
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Is this "Obscure Music" day here at Metafilter? This is the third one...
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I was thinking about that, and almost apologized for not covering a more obscure topic/ artist/ band. I've been re-listening to Tambourine Dream a bunch today, and then I found that Cousin Cole and Pocketknife are still making good music, if not together. Jam of the moment: Manicured Noise - Metronome (Cousin Cole Remix), which touches on the obscure music tip, as Manicured Noise are something of a lost band of the New Wave era.
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That String Figures album is great! And it's got a cover by Josh Gurrie so that's $9 well spent. Thanks!
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