Cube Dudes
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Back in 2009, Pixar animator (and LEGO enthusiast) Angus MacLane posted over one hundred pictures of his own personal LEGO creations he called Cube Dudes. The builds were pop culture characters that had squared off heads with one corner where the nose would be. It was a unique concept that immediately caught fire within the LEGO online community. Other builders emulated the style with builds of their own. The LEGO corporation even produced a pair of special LEGO Star Wars Cube Dude sets that were sold only at conventions. But if missed out on these sets and you'd like to build your own Cube Dude Boba Fett, there are instructions available online.
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The Dracula Gary Oldman is just perfect. Riker needs a chair.

And I'd never thought that I'd call Alien adorable.
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CubeDude Walter Sobchak.

Thanks, AlonzoMosleyFBI!
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So cool!

But why not Zoidberg?
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CubeDude Iron Man looks kind of puny compared to CubeDude Batman.
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CubeDube Aang and Appa. Sweet.
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These are great!
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I could (will) look at these for hours. They don't need to do anything, just exist, and I am entertained.
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So cool!

But why not Zoidberg?

Fan-made Zoidberg.
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I foresee hours of fun and frustration as tween Coffeespoons tries this. Thanks!
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The Robocop is fantastic; Marge and Homer somewhat... frightening?
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Those are pretty cool. Cubedude Mr. Brainwash (I had to Google him) could pass for cubedude Neil Young.
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What a happy surprise to find the Cubedude I thought was s'posed to be Saddam Hussein turned out to be Dabney Coleman as Jack Flack (who always escapes).
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Using the little peg things for teeth is a great touch. Although it makes everyone look like they're smiling when some would obviously be clenching their teeth menacingly instead.
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Some of these are kinda... disturbing. When they try to make pronounced cheekbones, the result just looks like a pigmented skull. The Halle Berry Catwoman and the Conan O'Brien in particular.

In contrast, the anime characters work really well. Weird.
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Just confirming once again that Lego is wonderful.
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I am astonished by how many of these I can recognize. Like Adam Savage or Grand Moff Tarkin. Very well done.
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