Would you like to choose Bellsprout as your starter?
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Pokémon Zeta & Omicron are not ROM hacks. They are standalone fan-made Pokémon clones created with RPG Maker XP, featuring around 80 hours of gameplay, 2 regions with 12 gyms, a coherent storyline, "tons" of endgame content, Shadow Pokémon, Delta Pokémon, all 649 Pokémon through gen V, secret bases, mega evolutions, challenge modes (previously), and sometimes quirky dialogue. Though still in beta, it's a playable game [YT], patches to which have slowed. Each new version is posted to the sub-Reddit /r/pokemonzetaomicron.
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This looks interesting, and I'm surprised they managed to do so much with RPG Maker XP. I used to mess around in RPG Maker 95 and RPG Maker 2k, but never had the patience to do much with them.

It's too bad there's no way to get this on my PSP or something, though.
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I've played around with RPG Maker XP (I think it was, all those letters get mixed up in my head) before. It was the first version that used Ruby under the hood for much of its workings, and as such is quite extensible. It can almost be turned into a generalized game development system.
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The guy's next fangame is now officially a thing.
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One of my favourite rpgs was an RPGMaker affair.
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doesn't hold a leaf to 4chan's sage

though it's admittedly further behind in development, sprites, movesets, routes, and plot were entirely crowdsourced
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They should have a tool that develops into html5. Then I could run the games on my smartphone or Linux desktop, or even a 64 bit Windows machine.

(Plus, an .exe file is a sure-fire way to bypass all your anti-virus/firewall software.)
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Funny, I just started playing this yesterday. (And I did, in fact, choose Bellsprout.) It uses the Pokémon Essentials set of scripts and data for RPG Maker XP. There are fairly many other fangames using Essentials, but just like with fanfiction, a lot of them are incomplete or abandoned.
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So, I've been using this Chrome extension, so everyone in this FPP talking about playing this on their mobile phone is, to me, playing this on their Pokedex. Clear case of mimesis becoming reality, or reality becoming mimesis, or something.
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