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Are you trying to write a period-correct Captain America story or just have questions about NYC in the 1930s-40s in general? The tumblr Steve Rogers Is Historically Accurate is here to help.
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OMG this is a Tumblr I didn't even know I wanted.

Now I have to close the window or I won't get anything done today. Now I wonder if there's a Stan Lee Tumblr, to facilitate making historically-accurate cameos...
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RELATED VIDEO: Spend an hour in 1940s NYC
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My goodness NYC really was full of plucky street urchins in those days.....
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Waaaiiit a minute...these are just a bunch of Smiths album covers!
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More seriously, though- this is a great resource and a good companion to this post.
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Not sure if this essay on the origin of Rogers' progressive ideals is linked somewhere on the blog, but it's highly worth a read: Steve Rogers Isn't Just Any Hero:
Unlike other patriotism-themed characters, Steve Rogers doesn’t represent a genericized America but rather a very specific time and place – 1930’s New York City. We know he was born July 4, 1920 to a working-class family of Irish Catholic immigrants who lived in New York’s Lower East Side. This biographical detail has political meaning: given the era he was born in and his class and religious/ethnic background, there is no way in hell Steve Rogers didn’t grow up as a Democrat, and a New Deal Democrat at that, complete with a picture of FDR on the wall.
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The Tumblr amplifies everything inside, so good becomes great; bad becomes worse.
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And there is also The Historical Agent Carter for all your historically accurate Peggy Carter needs.
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Found the apple-sellers' corner.
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I love Steve Rogers, I love the Whelk, and I love the Whelk's love for Steve Rogers. And I love this Tumblr! I hope the writers of Agent Carter are reading it and taking notes.
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Also is the thread in which we post Steve vs History fic recs (share plz)? Because if you haven't read The hip and the dead you haven't lived.
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I love everything about every part of this. (The AskMe question I posted awhile back about where to start on the comics is why I'm writing this in between devouring Ed Brubaker's stunning run.)
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Thanks to The Historical Agent Carter, I am now reading about Simone Segouin, The Girl Partisan of Chartres.

oh, like I was getting any work done today, anyway.
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This is a great Tumblr, and I am so glad that most people who write Captain America fic do not fall into the 'everything prior to 1975 was basically Pleasantville, right?' trap. It was touch and go for a while after the first movie came out, but we made it through okay and now most of the fandom knows that Steve and Bucky grew up in a neighborhood full of gay bars and drag balls.

(also, nicebookrack, thank you for reccing my fic!)
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Also is the thread in which we post Steve vs History fic recs (share plz)?

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Ian A.T. I was intending to post that very link. Kudos!
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The most recent posts have been about sex slang and how they actually thawed out Cap so I am in heaven.
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The tumbkr got a write up and about a billion fanfic links in The Toast

A History Lesson From The Captain America Fandom
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