Go Ahead, read my stuff.
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Go Ahead, read my stuff.
I suppose, that if someone had predicted to me, in the directionless, drifting ennui right after my graduation from high school, that within two years, I would be trekking across Thailand by oxcart and having run-ins with groups of armed guerrillas, I’d have scoffed and asked for a bowl of whatever it was they were smoking.
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I continue to love that KRIEG DER STERNE story.
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The writing is so good and descriptive, I feel like I'm there in the village watching the stars up above.
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I need to do this -- I keep a journal, but lately, I've just ben copy/pasting MetaFilter comments into it, so it would be kinda circular. Pjern is an all-around outstanding person, form what I can tell. I have a print of one of his photographs, which I adore.
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So, more than just trains?
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I'll tell you what, benito.strauss, I have several in the hopper so to speak. I'll make sure the next one up is a train story- "The death of the 153" is the working title.

Thanks for the kind words, everyone. It really does encourage.
[Well, that and a shot of something at least 80 proof every night while I write]
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Great stuff. I feel like I'm nineteen again.
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