India's data portal
August 7, 2014 10:23 AM   Subscribe : the Indian counterpart of the US, features 10280 resources in 3215 catalogs for public perusal. There's a visualization gallery charting developments like village electrification or domestic air traffic or sales of automobiles. And also a community section featuring apps offering mobile access to some of the data.
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I love that gallery, than you for posting.
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This is a nice counter-point to the census site that, while informative and all that, often suffered from bad data. For instance, they presented most of their data as PDF files saved from Excel; so for instance, the number of families with a bicycle in Vellore district would be #####. This is even before we get to inconsistent transliterations for district names; often used to need 2-3 hours to clean out the data.

There are some submissions from state governments as well. Pretty decent. Seems like most data-sources here are CSV files; while that's better the PDF files at the Census' website, they still aren't API's or web-services, which would be ideal; I suppose they still collate the data together by email or something, so they wouldn't be able to do data-feeds.
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