"Deep, deep, deep down I know that dream was never mine"
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A very interesting talk, thanks for posting it. Oddly, it's very reminiscent of many of the conversations about sexism we've had around here, with the women going "Let me tell you what it's like for women" and the men going "Uh-huh, but what about the men, we have to be responsible for you and we feel bad when we can't support you and blah blah blah" and the women going (through gritted teeth) "I hear you, but I don't think you're hearing me, can you forget about the Problems of Men for a moment and just listen?"

By the way, probably no one needs to be told about Baldwin, but for those who aren't already aware, Audre Lorde is a terrific writer—everyone should run out and read Zami: A New Spelling of My Name.
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Holy hell. This should be required reading ca. sophomore year in high school, if not earlier.
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I was a little surprised by Baldwin here, but that was really interesting. Audre Lorde's emphasis on intersectionality shines through.
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