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Scarecrow Video (previously), also known as "the largest independent video store in the world", is closing its doors in October. But Wait! There's More! Scarecrow has plans to soon after re-open as a non-profit.
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There are three non-video, non-MeFi links and they all contain a link to the Kickstarter.
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I had forgotten about the Kickstarter rule around here. My main motivation for the post was the unique solution for the store to keep going.
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Inasmuch as I know anything about pre-2000 films, it's due to renting from Scarecrow Video, a great place to wander through for hours. The only video store I've been to that organized by director (for non-genre English-speaking films, at least); my memories flit back to watching Paul Verhoeven's early films, rewatching James Burke's Connections 1/2/3, seeing City Hunter by Jackie Chan (with its amazing Street Fighter II sequence).
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