15,000 Useful Phrases
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accurate appraisement

accursed enemy

accusing glance

accustomed lucidity

aching desire

acknowledged authority

this is an entire love story.
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This Project Gutenberg edition ends on a poignant note: [Pencilled into the flyleaf: "A navy blue feeling where my heart used to be"]
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A quick key to Kleiser's organizational scheme:

SECTION I. USEFUL PHRASES: consists of adjective-noun pairs.
SECTION II. SIGNIFICANT PHRASES: two term parallelisms. (i.e. "noun and noun," "adjective and adjective")
SECTION III. FELICITOUS PHRASES: three term parallelisms.
SECTION IV. IMPRESSIVE PHRASES: four term parallelisms!

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I find this list marvelously suggestive and inspiring.
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Now, in this age of computers, we can find out both where he lifted these phrases from and who willingly reused them in their work. Hopefully somebody can also rig together a kind of "phrasechecker" which alerts writers if they've used a phrase which was hackneyed even a hundred years ago.
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Sudden and inexplicable changes of mood

Suddenly and imperatively summoned

Suddenly swelled to unprecedented magnitude

Sufficient to repel vulgar curiosity

Who knew they had Viagra back then?
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"Ejaculatory prayer" and "Crucifying irony" are the best. We break my copy out when we've been drinking sometimes. Always hilarious, and not least because the book doesn't know it's at a party. We got a band name from the book one time.
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This must be where they got the dialog for Deadwood.
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And here are the gestures you should make while saying them.
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"blatant discourse" leapt out at me. Is there something shameful about 'discourse' that it needs to be called-out when it's 'blatant'?
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"HOW TO ARGUE AND WIN Ninety-nine men in a hundred know how to argue to one who can argue and win. This book tells how to acquire this power. Cloth, 320 pages, $1.50, net; by mail, $1.65"

I shall find this book and read it and I then I shall win all the threads on MetaFilter.
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Oh hey I forgot to mention the 16 hour audiobook version.
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Iridic, I love that that exists.
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this is an entire love story.

OMG it's 50 Shades of 15,000 Phrases.

"Abhorred thraldom. Abiding romance. Abject submission."

"Affably accommodating affected indifference. Affectionate approval. Affianced lady."

"Ambrosial essence. Amiable solicitude. Amicable arrangement! Amorous youth."

"Arrogant imposition. Artful adaptation, artificial suavity. Artistic elegance, artless candor. Ascending supremacy. Ascetic devotion."

"Assiduously cultivated assimilative power. Assumed humiliation assuredly enshrined."

"Avowed intention. Awakened curiosity. Awed devotion, awful dejection. Awkward dilemma."

And those are just the stories that begin with A. They're easy to find! "Gushing enthusiasm. Gusty clamor. Guttural incoherence. Gymnastic agility!"
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Wow, this is right up my alley. Thanks for posting!
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One of my favorites:

"clinking, clanking, clattering collection of caliginous junk"

partly because it sticks out so much from its setting
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I just searched. No "nattering nabobs of negativism"?
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I used to own this book! I gave it to a writer friend who I was thinking might actually use it!
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I wish I'd had that book when I was younger, because my sisters and I would have found it mighty handy when our mother banned 'talking backwards' and/or 'on the wrong speed',
which she was apt to do on rainy days when she couldn't simply usher us outdoors.
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