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The Collectif Textile has the most kickass Pinterest feed.

The Collectif Textile are Vicky André, Audrey Fortin et Lucie Leroux, three textile enthusiasts based in Montreal. The text of their website is in French, but there is a lot to look at, and some of their recommended reading is English-language books.
On their main blog, the Collectif curate links to all sorts of textile and textile-adjacent projects -- architecture, jewelry, print and pattern design. There's new material, like Ayasha Wood's embroidery, and old, like the weaving and printing of Anni Albers. On Pinterest, of course, they have a food board to end all food boards.
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This is a great find! Thank you for posting it.
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:DDD Thank you, joseph conrad is fully awesome, for the kind words and for absolutely crushing it on the blue lately.
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