“not that many guys knew about stretching.”
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The Rise of Beefcake Yoga. (slnyt) Not the trend piece the title suggests, instead a very particular story centered around Diamond Dallas Page.
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This guy isn't really my style, but his ability to get folks to focus on functional mobility is doing a lot of good.
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I know quite a few folks who are devotees of DDP Yoga. I just do regular old yoga myself, but I guess anything to get folks up, moving, and flexible in their own comfort zone is good.
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I have a lot of love for DDP Yoga, and DDP himself. There's a sweet lunkiness to it all, and acceptance of all kinds of bodies (and, I could be wrong, but it seems like they finally toned down that tacky sexist yoga-babe stuff). You can go into it without feeling like you're going to be judged for not being spiritual enough, or fit enough.

I've been recommending his program for years, for friends who are interested in a workout that incorporates yoga postures, without the spiritual element that some people find an impediment. It was the first workout I really simultaneously loved and hated. It's a fun combination: the feeling of gratitude when you're in corpse pose and you know it's all over for now, and that feeling of "oh no, gotta do it again, my body hates me" the next day, but then, when you're just in your usual day, and you find yourself feeling springier, stronger, with a longer reach...well, it's a good feeling. I started because of a twisting hip injury that left me using a cane for a few weeks, and just kind of shocked at how inflexible I'd become. But within a few days, the hip was back to normal, and soon I'd be having conversations with people, and just sort of reaching up to touch the ceiling, no reason except that motion felt good again, it felt like having a living body again. The enthusiasm of the program was really infectious.

And I miss it!!! These days, I'm nursing a neck injury, trying to figure out what on earth kind of exercises I can do that won't flare it up and make my face and arm go numb again; I've gone back to DDP several times in the past few months, but each time, pow, one of the postures hits the little nerves and I'm right back to ice packs and fretting that maybe it's brain cancer instead. But that freedom of movement, that springiness, is so addictive, you find yourself wanting it back.

So, good for him, that he is getting more exposure. Hopefully more people can feel good doing his program (although, y'know, be careful with your damned spine, people).
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It's really cool that this is a fresh new article after just hearing about it in the wrestling post. Thanks!
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I admit I had a knee jerk reaction to the phrase 'beefcake yoga', but really, this is awesome. There's no pretense and the focus on mobility is great. Thanks.
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Diamond Dallas Previously:

Look At Me Now
Diamond Dallas Page's Next Act
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I admit I had a knee jerk reaction to the phrase 'beefcake yoga', but really, this is awesome.

Funny, my reaction to 'beefcake yoga' was 'hey, that sounds awesome.'
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Saving Jake Roberts' life alone will get DDP into heaven, because Pope Francis himself would take a look at Jake's history and say, "Dude, you have run out of chances." Taking the woo out of yoga is just the icing on the cake.
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I think yoga is good for everybody in moderation. The wrestling guy is wearing thick braces on both of his knees which he probably hurt wrestling, not doing yoga. My favorite New York Times Sunday Magazine article on yoga remains William Broad's

How Yoga Can Wreck Your Body.
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10 best responses to New York Times Magazine's yoga article

Of course everything is best in moderation. But saying that yoga can "wreck" your body is hardly a moderate position, either, at least as it was sensationally framed by the Times.

As Sarah Miller wrote in reply, "Yes, you can get injured doing yoga; you can also get injured walking across the street.”
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Ugh, I started lifting weights regularly a while back and mostly this post just reminds me that I really need to add some kind of mobility routine. I need, like, the Starting Strength of yoga routines or something.
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The "How Yoga Can Wreck Your Body" article is slightly sensationalized by the headline, and comes off better in the full context of the author's book The Science of Yoga. One part that stuck out to me in the book is a study from 2007 that found practicing yoga increases the body's production of a neurotransmitter known as GABA, which is linked to anti-depressant effects.
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I need, like, the Starting Strength of yoga routines or something.

It's probably best if you go to some classes. Pretty much every yoga studio I've looked at has a "yoga for beginners" class, and often it's a package deal for something like four once-a-week classes at a low price. This also helps get you committed to keep at it. Yoga classes can be pricey, which is one thing that kept me away. I used to try out online videos now and then but never gathered the motivation to make it a regular practice until last year, when my apartment complex offered us an unbeatable deal. (They brought a teacher right to the building once a week for the whole summer, for outdoor classes. It was the first time I practiced consistently, and I've kept it up ever since.)
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I love DDP and his brand of yoga. I have the full CD set, and practice religiously. I find myself having to start over a lot, after I slack off for this or that reason....but he's always there waiting for me.

I started after seeing the Arthur Boorman video. I figured, hey, I can at least walk a LITTLE better than that guy, so what've I got to lose? Between the yoga, some medication changes, and some diet changes, I'm now down 60 lbs in the last year, and working 60-80 hours a week (40-50 of that on my feet).
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