Sirens of the Sea
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Wave instruments: San Francisco's gurgly Wave Organ; Blackpool's moaning High Tide Organ; Zadar's hypnotic Sea Organ.

Sound and video:

Wave Organ: 1, 2 [YouTube]
High Tide Organ: 1 [YouTube, wind noise], 2 [SoundCloud]
Sea Organ: 1 [YouTube], 2 [Bandcamp]

The Sea Organ previously on MetaFilter: soundwaves
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I thought the wave organ in SF would be a cool place to go on a date, but we went out there and it sounded like a toilet flushing repeatedly. Needless to say we did not kiss that afternoon and I don't recommend it to anyone.
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The Wave Organ is slightly better during a full moon, in that it sounds like a combination of far-off moaning and a toilet flushing. For certain values of "better."
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Wave Organ video #2 sounds pretty amazing with headphones on.
posted by isthmus at 9:39 PM on August 14, 2014

That Blackpool high tide organ sounds wonderful.
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Wave Organ video #2 sounds pretty amazing with headphones on.

It does have something of a mid-90's Warp Records vibe to it, doesn't it?
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Many people know who they were and what they were doing, but their legacy remains ... hewn into the living rock ... of the Marina District.
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:zoviet*france has plans to build one in Northumberland. (Facebook link)
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I don't recommend it to anyone

I dunno, I went there on a "tour of some of the odder things in SF" with a long-time resident of the Bay Area (it included a visit to most of the locations in Our Lady of Darkness, which, if you haven't read it go and do that right now). The Wave Organ was a fun stop, even though it did sound like a bloopy toilet flushing. To be fair, neither of us were planning kissing, so I can't speak to the romance angle.
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Man, I got all excited that there was a Bandcamp link for the Zadar organ, but two minutes of audio on a busy day was not what I was expecting. This is a bit more like it, but I expect to really get into the vibe of the thing, you'd want to record it for at least an hour...
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This on loop has me completely hypnotized. I'm building some melodies and rhythms around it right now. Thanks so much We had a deal, Kyle!
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