Homosexuality Is For The Birds
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This is fascinating. Thanks for posting!
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Lots of people are reading this right now and preparing mental arguments that say “well if there’s no actual SEX it can’t be homosexual!!! only sex makes gay things gay!! NO GAY WITHOUT PENIS IN BUTT!!!”

I was actually reading that and thinking how much better scientific articles are when they're not navel-gazing and filled with contrived colloquialisms. There's interesting content in the articles, and the author is clearly intelligent, but the articles' style has the opposite effect of its intent and just makes them difficult to read and feel overly long.
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Can Animals Have Pets?

My cockatoo certainly believes that the dog is his pet.
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Personally, I liked the conversational style! Sometimes it was too exaggerated, but I thought it was engaging and made it very clear what the big take-aways were from each piece.
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Great post!

I have shared that particular "Alpha Wolf" article many times (as part of my standard "dominance is outdated" discussion when I am talking to people/students about dog training), people somehow don't seem to want to accept that it's true though, they prefer getting all Fifty Shades of Grey with their dogs...(which is part of why I avoid most of the dog training questions on AskMe these days, you can only have that discussion so many times before the willing and indefatigable ignorance takes its toll, despite the toll you know it's taking on the dogs some people own)...
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"Hooligan Cocks" is my next band name.
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Just after "Lesbian Superclutch"
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The picture of the baby cuckoo, larger than the nest it's in, being fed by its much smaller "parent", is kind of horrifying. This one. It has all the elements of terrifying science fiction or conspiracy theory: "Someone is killing your babies and taking all your food for itself... all your maternal love... the 'child of your heart' that you're protecting and feeding and loving is actually an oversized alien who has hijacked your instincts..."

(I'm clearly not a writer of good fiction. But you get the idea, I hope.)
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This is great stuff. The author has a real talent for presenting scientific literature in an interesting and accessible manner.
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