This is Mr Fine Wine, playing old soul 45s for the next two hours...
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Downtown Soulville, WFMU's weekly show for classic soul 45s, hit its 20th anniversary on Friday. The learned, laidback cratedigger Mr Fine Wine has played an estimated 20,000 old soul 45s since the show's launch. The full shows from the last six years are available on the WFMU website. Expect two-hour bursts of soul vinyl, early RnB and Detroit funk from Matt Weingarden.
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Thanks garlicsmack! Also check out Network Awesome's soul tag
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Oh yesssssss. I am in the midst of trying to figure out a playlist for an impromptu party, and you just reminded me of my many Downtown Soulvilles. Every time I put them on people ask what the music is. Thanks!
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Right now St. Louis Missouri and a lot of the rest of us need this music
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This is so good. Thanks.
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But Ohmygod thank you. This is exactly my speed. My 3 year old son has started asking for soul music to play during nightly dance parties. The limited list of goods I have is wearing thin.
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oh hell yes
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Stone. Cold. Subscribed. Thank you.
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Wow, he needs a better turntable.. where did he get that thing, Urban Outfitters?
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yes indeed..
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Thank you thank you.
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Those decks are useful if you're skimming. A whole pile of 45s, you don't really go over to queue each one up no the HiFi just to check.

Anyway ... I have a weak spot for the smacks and crackle and pops. I'm also attached to the tapes dubbed from FM radio that have scraps of ads or station IDs. On a lotta compilations nowadays, that guy is John Peel. But in my personal memory, there is this broad stroke from "Two Little Hitlers" to "Unkind and Unwise" to "Glamorous Glue" where each one has a little truncated snippet of George Gimarc.
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Wow, so great to see this on the Blue! Matt is an old buddy of mine, and DS is my Friday night tradition -- a mellow and delightful entree to my weekend. Highly recommended with a glass of, yes, fine wine.

New Yorkers who need a midweek dose should check out Fine Wine's Wednesday night stand at Botanica (now in its 19th year).
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KLCC in Eugene, Oregon has had a similar program called Straight Street for about the same duration. The title comes from this song by the Pilgrim Travelers. My favorite song by them is Jesus Hits Like an Atom Bomb.
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