In the horror community, the guy who gets all the other guys together
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Director, writer, and producer Mick Garris releases videos of his interviews with people in the horror and sci-fi entertainment industry at his new website, Mick Garris Interviews. There is also a YouTube channel. An introduction can be found at the about page. According to The Nerdist, interviews will be released at the rate of one per week. Interviews already uploaded: a four-parter with Director John Carpenter (here's Part 1 YT), and one segment with John Badham, director of Dracula (1979) and, incidentally, Saturday Night Fever (1977).
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Yes! Thank you for this!
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You're welcome - hope you enjoy it. It'll be interesting to see the videos revealed as the weeks unfold.
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Oh wow, an old co-worker of mine is part of this. Neat!
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