There was no BBC in Shakespeare's time.
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Shakespeare's Restless World is a BBC radio series (podcast link) where the director of the British Museum, Neil MacGregor, explores England during the lifetime of William Shakespeare as represented by twenty objects, much in the way of his earlier A History of the World in a 100 Objects (previously). The focus is on Shakespeare's plays and how they were understood by his contemporaries. The series was also published as a book.
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Oh oh! I listened to this whole podcast series over the winter and was so sad when I finished. It's phenomenal and very very interesting. Two thumbs up from me, seems like exactly the sort of thing Mefi would love.
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Podcasts! At last something Ira Glass can relate to!
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Somehow this passed me by, so thanks v. much. I loved the 100 Objects and thought it outstanding radio. The BBC-- radio and TV-- is a treasure and something that all Brits should be proud of.
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Oh, Kattullus, you devil in my ear! Don't you think I have enough podcasts to listen to?
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did people talk funny like that guy at BBC back then too?
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Already fascinated as I listen to the first long podcast (April 6, 2012). Thanks!
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We've been listening to this over the past little while as part of our BBC at Bedtime ritual. Good stuff.
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Very interesting. Thanks, Kattullus!
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The sad thing (or good thing) about this series is indeed how short it is. I listened to it in one day. Admittedly a day full of cleaning and errands, but it's a very small, self-contained thing, this series. It definitely left me wanting to know more. Of course, that's always the problem with anything regarding Shakespeare. We always want to know more, and yet there are so precious few known-to-be-true facts to go on.
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Yes, I listened to this series a while ago, and went through it too quickly. I wish there was more.
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Just chiming in to agree with everybody else — this is great, and it's much too short.
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