Poetica: Jamaican poetry
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The Australian Radio National program Poetica recently broadcast two episodes of Jamaican Poetry, and it's a real delight to listen to these contemporary and archival recordings of Jamaican poets (from all over the world) reading their poetry, some with musical accompaniment. Episode 1 ----- Episode 2.

One of the featured poets left the following comment on the Episode 2 page:
"Thanks for this programme. I appreciate the artistry of the producer Brent Clough in weaving together such complex strands into a coherent whole which then gave shape and context to the spoken, sung and dubbed words of our beautiful island."
Each episode is a little over 30 minutes long, and can be listened to on the linked pages or downloaded as mp3s.
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Downloaded and ready to be listened to on my portable device. Thanks for the links!
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Lots of the poets featured are (or were) here in Canada, and deserve to be better known up here than they are: Lillian Allen, Pam Mordecai, Olive Senior, Louise Bennett, Michael St. George.

(Start with this and google on from there.)
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