ASL makes it obvious why "a room without a roof" = happy
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For the second year, the campers at Deaf Film Camp, a two-week summer experience for deaf and hard-of-hearing teens interested in filmmaking, have made a great ASL music video. The video is entirely produced by the campers with guidance from a staff of filmmakers from the deaf community. This year's selection is Pharrell's "Happy", with ASL Interpretation created by Azora Telford and Rosa Lee Timm and performed by Telford, Timm, the campers and camp staff.

Last year's video was One Republic's "Feel Again," with ASL interpretation created and performed by Telford. You can also see other film work, including some animation, created by last year's campers.

Deaf Film Camp takes place at Camp Mark 7, in New York's Adirondacks region. The camp provides recreational, educational, leadership and spiritual programs primarily for deaf and hard-of-hearing people. Founded by a Catholic priest in 1979 (but welcoming to campers of all faiths), the camp gets its name from the Bible passage Mark 7:31-37, "Jesus Cures a Deaf Man."
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Well, that made me very, very.....what's the word....?
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Thank you for this post.
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Well, that made me very, very.....what's the word....?

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I thought that was the lady from Somebody That I Used To Know. Not learning sign language when I had the opportunity to do so (instead I took Calc II ...) is one of the things I particularly regret about my high school summers.
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Thanks for this. I really, really needed to see some adorable people being happy.
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That's awesome.

Little story: I live in a town that has a highly rated, damned competitive high school.

2 of my 3 kids are hands-on learners and aren't huge fans of school.

When it came time for my eldest to pick the dreaded foreign language, she chose ASL. And LOVED it. Within weeks she was teaching all of us how to talk. She's now the ASL go to person at her veterinary hospital.

My youngest is also a reluctant learner. So he also took ASL. And he's brought my level of knowledge now to a level where I can communicate as well. He's the go to ASL person at our local ice cream shop.

One of our greatest pleasures is to get out into Boston and sign instead of verbally communicate. Over the years, we've has so many people come up to us and start signing and we've met some amazing people.

It's true that learning new things expands us, but learning ASL has expanded my life and the lives of my kids in unbelievably happy ways.
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My niece is in the video seated in one of the chairs a 0:13.
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This is really fun and fantastic! Thanks for posting it.
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Oh, that was wonderful! And happy-tear-inducing. Plus, as usual for me with these covers, I find myself looking at each person in the video and thinking "you're gorgeous and I want to be your friend".

Thanks for posting this!
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