I want to be... under the sea...
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explore.org livestreams beluga whales from Hudson Bay / Nelson River in Northern Manitoba. Thousands of belugas migrate hundreds of kilometres each summer from the Hudson Strait to warmer river waters on the western side of Hudson Bay so they can feed, mate and rear their young. This year, their activities are being captured in real time by cameras mounted underwater and on the bow of a small Zodiac boat, which trolls the water for a few hours each day, Monday to Friday. The next live showing is tonight @ 5pm EST.

Explore.org is a philanthropic media organization that features a wide range of topics—from animal rights, health and human services, and poverty to the environment, education, and spirituality. Explore receives grants from non-profits around the world.

Belugas are naturally curious and confident, and enjoy investigating the boats... but only if the skipper complies with their particular musical tastes:

The belugas near Churchill, Man., are attracted not only to the sound of the boat's engine, but also by songs by the Beatles, preferring them to other types of music, according to Neil Mumby, the tour guide operator who pilots the boat.

“When the Beatles are playing, there are always whales,” writes Numby on the team's blog. “But when I change the music, they disappear.”

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What, they don't like Raffi?
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I too am naturally curious and confident, but I certainly hope there's not a webcam set up to facilitate watching me feed, mate, and rear my young. Apparently whales too now live in a post-privacy era.
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I am the walrus...

Perhaps they'd like Seal, too. Or UB40, for the cod regga.
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