"This is like an Olympic event during the days of Caligula"
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Do you like games with awkward controls and physics? Do you dream of playing QWOP against your friends? Well, Mount Your Friends is just right for you!

The Greenlight begins by dissolving into fits of laughter, and ends with pretty much the same thing.
Hardcore Gamer says: "If nothing else, those damn schlongs flailing everywhere never get old." (That's right, the entire game is burly men in thongs with swinging dongs. Gamasutra has some backstory on the dong physics.)
Rock Paper Shotgun says: "It’s the kind of experience that draws a crowd."

The creator, Daniel Steger, discusses how he built the game in 2 days at his blog.

More Videos!

Jim and Yatzhee of The Escapist show off the horizontal challenge. This is not a euphemism.
Giant Bomb do a (25 minute) quick look and show off the custom face options.
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That totally looks like something i'd play with my friends...
posted by ph00dz at 8:12 PM on August 21, 2014

A friend at work bought this and invited me to play by asking, "Hey, you wanna... mount each other?" I was considering a call to HR, but the game was so fun I forgot all about it. Yes, it does draw a crowd, and yes, I did buy a copy for myself.
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Alas, developers have spent so much time making sure that breasts animate realistically, but no one has bothered to think about proper penis physics.
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Yeah, a friend does a monthly bbq and often people end up playing Towerfall. He grabbed this on my blind recommendation. Had a crowd of 20 watching and laughing. I immediately picked it up myself. It's funny - watching the videos, everyone has the same reaction to it that we did - laughter, juvenile puns, love of the epic music, and then intense competitiveness.
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I was waiting long and hard for a post on this wonderful game.
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tmt: "I was waiting long and hard for a post on this wonderful game."

Be careful - wouldn't want a priapism!
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This game is easily one of the best single dollars I have spent in my life. Absolutely break it out on a big screen at a party, the group will be in tears laughing. I love the tagline - "A Simulated Sportslike Experience".
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Also, the best part isn't necessarily the silly faces on the climbingmens, or the fact that each one has a name and nationality (Grun Bristlewaithe! From Iceland!), or the swinging dongs and the occasional randomized supernumerary nipple... it's the grunting. The strained, heaving grunts and gasps that the grabbists emit as they grapple their way up the manpile. The sheer *variety* of different gruntling noises they make is.. wonderous.
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Alright. I agree that it is impossible not to laugh at the gameplay vids.

But it's definitely a letdown that the dick physics has no apparent impact on gameplay. Or scoring.
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Hey cool, with the dong physics, as long as you live in the EU/UK, you posted this on Flash Friday. Otherwise, you were just a few hours ahead of a good pun.
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The undercarriage physics may be realistic, but that goat is unbelievably calm. Goats, like cats, want to get to the top.
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Clearly the term should be "phallus physics."
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