"Cubs 1908. White Sox 2005. Jackie Robinson West 2014."
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Chicago's Jackie Robinson West Little League team just clinched the U.S. Championship in the Little League World Series, becoming the first all-African-American team to do so. They face the South Korean squad tomorrow. The team has attracted many prominent supporters, from Chicago and elsewhere.
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It was a great game and the kids showed a lot of moxie in coming back in the bottom of the 5th after losing the lead. The double play to end the game was a thing of beauty.
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Good times! Great congratulations--such a heartwarming story. I'm only sorry that they couldn't take Mo'ne with them on their team!

On another note, I was struck by how young Obama looks in that picture at the first link. It must have been taken years ago but fifteen or twenty? I believe the president ages more in that four years or eight years than all but the most unlucky of the rest of us.
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As a Philadelphian I'm sorry to see Taney out of the running, but super psyched that it's Chicago going on and not the Vegas team.
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This is a great story, and I hope they get the final victory.
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It's kind of ironic that a team named after Jackie Robinson is all one race.

Is the makeup of the team by design, or merely a result of Chicago being the most segregated city in America?
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To be fair, this is more like winning the pennant, which the Cubs did in '45.
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South Korea has the edge. I've not seen a scrappier squadron from Seoul in ages.
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My loyalties were divided on this one. I love Chicago; it's my adopted hometown, and the South Side could do with some love but also good press. Then there's Korea, the place of my ancestry.

I mean, SK won, so I'm happy, but if it went the other way, I'd've been happy too. Those kids deserve the parade they're getting.
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Is the makeup of the team by design

It's the All-Star steam from Jackie Robinson West Little League, which I presume is located in a majority African-American neighborhood.
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Robinsons inspired by Chicago's LLWS run
Indeed, it's hard to quantify just how far the boys from Chicago had come in such a short period of time. Rahm Emanuel, the mayor of Chicago, had proclaimed the team the pride of the city, and it played with skill, pride and unyielding desire en route to an 8-4 loss to South Korea on Sunday.

"It made us extremely proud. It does carry on his name," said Sharon Robinson of watching the Chicago youngsters play their hearts out. "My father was very devoted to young people and would've cheered them on from the stands if he'd been alive. I'm sure he's smiling down on us right now."
Mayor Emanuel announces Jackie Robinson West parade and rally (Wednesday)
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