Names, names, names.
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Names, names, names. Whoever Jerry Hill is, he clearly has a glorious obsession with the naming of things, and he's created a massive but reasonably well-organized compendium of relevant links. It's easy to find sites that will offer to help you name your baby, or your pet; but where else will you find one source for links to sites on "Unfortunate Rose Names"? "Naming Your Homeschool"? "Welsh Castle Names"? "Weird Little Taxes with Oddball Names"? "Jamaican Bus Names"? (The only thing I see lacking is a link to any site about how internet users choose their on-line handles, a topic I find fascinating...)
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Okay. I finally and definitely cannot stand pop-ups. What do I do?
posted by EngineBeak at 6:57 PM on January 27, 2002

[However: much better link than that intolerably asinine INCH]
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(a) Really interesting link.

(b) Baring disabling javascript, or third party pop-up killing software, simply leaving your taskbar exposed at the bottom of your main surfing window allows for easy and painless deletion of pop-ups, often before they even get to load.

(c) dong_resin is a family name.
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Re disabling popups... If you use IE, you can use its Security Zones settings to disable JavaScript for certain domains. Here are instructions I wrote for the Mac version (Windows users, you're on your own).
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really cool link! although I would vote for a list of names that not one American would use:


enginebeak: try this
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Superb - thanks. I also found a lot of great links(for example the on architects)which are good in their own right.

P.S. On my end only one pop-under, no big deal.
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