Axé Orixá
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The origins, the story and the purposes of the Orixa traditions and practices of Brazil have made Candomblé very careful about what it openly reveals and how it shows itself.
Candomblé has had a fundamental role in preserving and nurturing Afro-Brazilian traditions (Video 7 mins) throughout the history of colonial and modern Brazil.
The Believers are stepping out of the shadows and remembering their past with it's distinctive spirtuality and ritual which is at the root of modern samba.
Candomblé rituals in Brazil were illegal until believers fused their religion with some Catholic beliefs and traditions. Social exclusion, to which the black population was subjected in Rio de Janeiro led to intensification in the development and practice of Afro-Brazilian religion and Samba as it is known today. Here exemplified by Gilberto Gil and Clara Nunes
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This is a really great post adamvasco. Thanks for putting it together. I've shared with my wider community who love Brazilian culture. Also, I always think of the Candomble scene in the original Orfeu Negro. Love that scene.
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I just rewatched "Black Orpheus" the other day, including the Criterion disc features, and Candomblé came up. There's a ritual featured in "Black Orpheus" that I believe hails from another syncretic tradition whose name I forget right now.

Looking forward to plowing through this post when I get home - thanks adamvasco.
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Here are some Orixas in Manchester, it's a pity you can't see more of them here are they each had a few minute solo dance section doing the moves associated with each Orixa.
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There are places near Gloria and Catete you can still find whole roast chicken left at street corners.

Sheydem, are you thinking of umbanda?
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