In conversation: Chad Smith with Stone Gossard
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In this video edition of Chad Smith's interview series, the Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer sits down with his old friend, Pearl Jam guitarist Stone Gossard, to talk about their early days on tour together, their attempts to form a "jazz odyssey" band, producers Rick Rubin and Brendan O'Brien, and a whole lot more. A jam-packed, laugh-filled hour-long chat.
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Awesome! Thanks for this.
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My favorite part, towards the end:

"What would I work on? Keeping a fucking beat! No, but seriously ... what would I work on ... I'd work on my reggae - it's just so counterintuitive landing on the 3."
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Is there any Cease and Desist footage from that Viper Room show? That would be interesting.
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Chad Smith isn't anyone's idea of an expert interviewer, but he makes up for it in this with his Jeff Bridges-esque speaking voice and his charming giggle that's occasionally accompanied by a single-stroke roll with his hands on the chair when giggling isn't quite enough.

A bit strange that at this point in his career, he doesn't have an old studio, and, if this is to be believed, he can't play drums in his apartment without annoying the neighbors.

Stone Gossard, what can I say -- he's the fucking man and I already knew that, so I didn't learn much from his answers. Still a fun listen.
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This is the best thing Will Ferrell has done since at least the first Anchorman movie.
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