A Eulogy for Twitter
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"We've been trying to figure out the moment Twitter turned, retracing tweets to see whether there was something specific that soured the platform. [...] Twitter is entering its twilight." A reaction piece: Ten thoughts about why twitter is on the decline.
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Reminder: TwitterDeathWatch on Tumblr (last updated 2009)
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I read the articles. I disagree with them. Maybe it's a Canadian thing, but in my community, Twitter is the number-one way people share information in real time. If I want to learn about traffic, I check out the hashtag for my city. Or figure out where there are sirens in my neighbourhood. Or what that weird sound is. It's all on Twitter.

There's a teachers strike right now, and school is supposed to start next week. I check out the hashtag for politics to see what's going on with negotiations. There was a massive mine tailings spill a couple of weeks ago. Twitter was the best way to keep up-to-date on what's happening.

I basically use Twitter as a real-time news feed, especially about NE Asia, in which I have an interest, but all of the Middle East correspondents are on it. Or that volcano that erupted this morning on New Britain in PNG. Real-time photos!

Twitter is pretty amazing, really. It's far from dead.
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Double (I got about halfway into that excruciating bit about how 2012 Twitter compared to 2013 Twitter and knew it seemed familiar)
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TwitterDeathWatch on Tumblr (

Funny to consider that Twitter and Tumblr were both launched at the same time, yet one of them still feels like an undiscovered startup...
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