Men + Kittens
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I feel like a Mommy [SLYT, Buzzfeed]
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The kitten wants to kill that guy's mustache, and who could blame it?
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Cute but men + cats.

And men + cats.

Mostly men + cats is just scooping shit out of the litter box and a "shit, I have to change the water". Same as women + cats.
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This is doing NOTHING to cure my Kitten Fever.
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from Mike Birbiglia's set in the recent live This American Life:

I say Clo, we have a cat. We do everything for the cat. We gave him food. We give him an apartment that he thinks is the world. We set aside an area in the apartment for him to poop in that we clean more often than the area where we poop.

At least one of those guys is going to end up doing this.

(but not moustache guy.. he seems to be a standard character from Buzzfeed Blue, and is therefore not a real person)
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The Beefheart link as first comment. Love it. Sometimes Metafilter is still cool.
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And of course Des Hommes et des Chatons!
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"...raise them, and they'll like, love you forever."

Category error.
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Right. The cats really think, omg big guys, MORE meat.
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I hate to be the guy who craps all over the cat video thread, but...

I grew up with cats. I love cats. I'm not a manly man (nor have I ever cared to be), but nor am I effeminate or genderqueer or anything—I'm just a boring, cis, hetero, middle-of-the-road dude.

And I wasn't aware, until several years ago, that liking cats is supposed to be effeminate, or at least unmasculine, or something. Like, I guess I'm supposed to be outside playing football with dogs, instead of inside doing girly domestic things with cats? Or something? Has this "dogs = masculine; cats = feminine" meme always been around, or is it a relatively new invention? Because it was new to me.

The whole joke of this video hinges on this really tedious, stereotypical, gender-binary idea of what men are, or should be: emotionally repressed; incapable of nurturing; into action movies full of buff dudes killing things; disdainful of anything (such as kittens) that smacks of girliness; inclined to regard vulnerability as weakness; etc.

I kinda feel sorry for any dude who feels limited in that way by his gender. (And there's more than a whiff of internalized misogyny there.)

In summary: I have a big ol' hairy penis. I love my kitties. Deal with it.
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Hmm. I'm not sure this ad is working as intended, because all it makes me want to do is adopt some big manly men whose gruff exterior hides a secret tender heart. What, you say? I have one at home already? I think he needs a buddy to play with!
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