Happy birthday, kid. (Slyt, short but powerful film)
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I found this short film on Youtube (have also seen it on Vimeo) but am not exactly sure who the actors are. Short (< 3 minutes) movie about one year in a young girl's life. Packs a punch. Watch it twice.
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Very affecting. Good find.
I have to add that, watching this little film after wading-though the FPP about dystopian sci-fi is somewhat apt.
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I originally saw this in the form of an ad for Save the Children.

Maybe OP's is from the original author of the film?

Anyway, bit of a curio, back when it did the rounds at reddit a user found it synched eerily well with a song that was playing in the background. I don't think it enhances the message (the dread starts from the get go, instead of slowly devolving), but it's an interesting, different experience.
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Yeah, the Save the Children ad is where I saw it, too. And I think it hits a bit harder there. "Just because it isn't happening here doesn't mean it isn't happening" is where it got to me. Takes it from short form dystopian future to present world awareness campaign.
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That's the original! Can the mods change the link in my post??? I should be linking to the original.
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[Swapped links!]
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Excellent, thanks!
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Pay close attention to the snippets of audio/dialog in the background of each scene. You're clued-in very early that shit is starting to hit the societal fan. Really good work.
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A similar (but completely different) non-profit ad you'll also want to watch twice: Selinah.
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