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Dave "Kong" Kingman's jock strap.
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These are terrific stories and mysteries. I particularly like Maz's homerun ball and Eddie "Electric Avenue" Grant's plaque story. Eddie wasn't the greatest ball player, but he was the one who volunteered to fight in WW I and died for the cause. The Dauvray Cup was not written in a way conducive to easy reading.

Thanks for posting the Just a Little Bit Outside story and all the supporting (original?) stories. Baseball is such a great game. The culture of baseball and the unusual events is one of the reasons I like it so much.
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This is great. Thanks! I find the Dauvray Cup somehow less interesting than the Max ball or Grant plaque. I don't know why.
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Something about a piano at the bottom of a lake?
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Back in the 1880s, a highly regarded actress named Helen Dauvray ... commissioned an ornate winner’s trophy to be presented to the winner of an exhibition between the winners of the National League and the American Association, sort of a proto-World Series, 16 years before the real thing.

Goddammit, I hate this shit. The nineteenth-century World Series wasn't "sort of a proto-World Series, 16 years before the real thing," it was the real thing. It was a series of games played between the winners of the two leagues for the championship of baseball, and it was called the World Series. The only way it is not "real" is if you don't believe nineteenth-century baseball is "real," and I wish that attitude would go ahead and die off. (I have ranted about this before.)
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