The staples are punk as hell.
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I haven't been blogging for a while. Now I'm ready to tell you the story. Just so you're prepared, the story ends with "in two weeks I'm having brain surgery." Or maybe that's how the story should begin.
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Brain tumors are so fucked up.

Great piece. Thanks for posting.
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That's a great piece. She's done good.
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What a wonderful piece. As a person who also makes their living and their life out of words, I can imagine her terror and her "fucked up feelings". I am proud and happy for her that she's turning out so well.
And those staples are punk as hell.

Great post! Thanks!
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The staples are punk as hell.

As someoe who has had brain surgery and reconstructive work... They also make a really strange crunching noise when they are removed. Be strong.
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This is wonderful. I have some pretty severe aphasia as a side effect of medication to control epilepsy and it drives me crazy. And I'm just a Southern loudmouth who likes to tell everyone what to do. I can't imagine what really losing touch with her connection to writing and language would do to a true wordsmith. I wish her fast healing and many more days with her beautiful child.
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Ah, fuck cancer, and fuck brain tumors in particular, and every possible good wish to her (and her daughter) in the days to come.
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