Cheap Thrills and free music from Klint, Hervé and friends
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Looking for some instrumental, funky, downtempo and slightly sinister soundtrack music? Klint, who as worked on soundtracks before, including Snatch, has released his own soundtrack album, Nothing Left Of Us (stream and download for a limited time from Soundcloud). News of this new album comes from Cheap Thrills Music, a label run by Joshua 'Hervé' Harvey. Both Cheap Thrills and Hervé have more tracks and mixes up on Soundcloud, including plenty of streaming sounds a few free downloads from each, though that's more of deep and dirty house, as heard in Hervé's Hate On Me mixtape (stream/dl), and from the "Tear The House Up" from Hervé x Zebra Katz (Official Music Video, NSFW lyrics).
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First, a word of warning: the 13 tracks from Nothing Left Of Us are all uncompressed .WAV files, totalling 368 MB for a bit more than 36 minutes of music.

If you liked Klint but want more of an indie/alt rock vibe, I believe he released his first , self-titled album in 2002, with vocals and more of that kind of feel, which you can stream from Grooveshark.

And if the name Zebra (Fucking) Katz sounds familiar, he has been the topic of posts previously, twice. Warning: more profanities in his music, and a few more rabbit holes of music.
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nice, i love Klint - thanks for the link!
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