True Music Facts Wednesday
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True Music Facts Wednesday is an amazing labor of love from AgentRocket. [via MeFi Projects]
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Wait! No! Don't fade out! I have to know what happens next in the Italian Swedish softcore porno featuring Mah Nà Mah Nà! It's . . . it's for a . . . project. For work.
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Nothing wasted, lots of quality links, filling in crucial lacunae in my education--man this is great! There's something very Hegelian about the classic Sir Mix-A-Lot track arising in response to Spuds Mackenzie and the Spudettes, like the World Spirit manifesting its antithetical callipygian aspect.
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Wow, this is really, really great. Serious kudos, AgentRocket (and thanks for sharing this, Johnny Wallflower). Well-written posts on weird anecdotes or corners of music history? You're scratching all my itches.
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Awesome find!
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Fantastic site!
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This is seven different kinds of awesome. Thank you.
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Hey, thanks a lot Johnny Wallflower! Today's entry turned out to be a fun one, too.
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