Dirty dancing to their own drummers: another music video without music
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Start with the well-known final dance scene from Dirty Dancing, remove the original score and add in new foley as if the couple was closely mic'd, and you have something the sounds like a one-on-one basketball game with giggling and popping balloons, and then Castle (Swayze) leaps from the stage and really gets his thing going. This is just one of a great number of musicless music videos, from Mario Wienerroither and others.

More from Mario, mostly around a minute long: Mikolaj Gackowski: No Music Videos, also creating clips of re-scored music videos:
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These can be pretty hysterical, the Dirty Dancing one had us laughing out loud over here. This is an extension of the shredding trend, right? My two favorites of those are the always funny Beach Boys shred and Hall & Oates in concert.
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Heh, the looks on the faces of Baby's parents take on entirely new meaning in this version.
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Hurk! Boi-oi-oing! Ungh! Hyuk hyuk hyuk! Sounds like the Three Stooges!
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LooseFilter, I was expecting the other end of the spectrum from your links. I remember a prior post on guitar solos overdubbed with speed metal guitar solos, but I it can't find at the moment. I think your examples of shredding are a newer tangent of the redubbed music videos, but I could be wrong.

And you have possibly seen some of the videos I linked previously: Dancing in the Street, Firestarter, Smells like Teen Spirit, I Want to Break Free, and Gangnam style without music.
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^ Those are great, as well, FLT, especially the Gangnam Style without music. I really love this trend of making things out of other things and sharing them. INTERNET, KEEP BRINGING ME EVERYONE'S FUNNY
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This is my new non-jam.
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Silentless movie: Nosferatu in 4 minutes

Goddammit, that's not how it sounded at all.

I don't even know how to whistle.
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Man, the Dirty Dancing one slayed me - tears and everything.

The unmitigated king of the earlier "shredding" videos is St. Sanders (previously) - my favorites of his are still the Rolling Stones and Queen videos.
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These are hilarious. My favourite is the Dancing In The Street one, which is a pretty ridiculous video at the best of times.
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YMCA is fantastic. The original video was already pretty close to my understanding of New York in the 70s but now I can just about smell the diesel and hair oil from my computer.
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