Malka Moma
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Malka Moma or Young Maiden is a Bulgarian folk song, here sung by Neli Andreeva with the Philip Koutev choir. (SLYT)


A young maiden is praying to God:
“Grant me, dear Lord, blue eyes. (x2)
Grant me, dear Lord, the wings of a falcon (x2)
To fly over the white Danube river (x2)
To find a boy who suits me.”

God heard her prayer.
He granted her the blue eyes
And the wings of a falcon.
When God granted her the wings of a falcon
She found a boy who suited her. (x2)
Dear Lord

(Translation from
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Bulgarian choral music is fantastic.
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God yes, I love that abrasively beautiful, borderline-metal Bulgarian choral music!!

(And here, I fixed the lyrics for you:

When God granted her the wings of a falcon
She found a boy who suited her.
She found a boy whose ears she now wears on a necklace.
This is how Falcon Beast's reign begins.)
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This is great, thanks for posting! Bulgarian choral music is so great; I love the crunchy dissonances and the excellent writing for women's voices.
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If you like Bulgarian folk music, here is an hour-plus of it. I think the Bulgarian Women's Choir has been a guest on A Prairie Home Companion a few times, and if you can get past the parts of the show where Garrison Keillor breathes into the mic, they make up for it.

If you are familiar with the 1995 version of Ghost in the Shell, the intro uses very similar (to my ear, at least) vocal patterns, though with Japanese singers.

Speaking of 1995, if you have Real Player installed, you can even listen to one of the PHC episodes featuring Bulgarian choral music.
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A ton of Georgian music courtesy of BoingBoing today.
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Heart-melting brilliance
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