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It's September, which means the irritatingly talented young animators at the prestigious Gobelins Animation School in Paris have their graduation films out. As usual, they rival anything produced by professional studios, all in less than 3:45 minutes. Some highlights:

Janis AUSSEL, Elsa BOYER, Marie-Pierre DEMESSANT, Dorian LEE, Laurent MOING, Guitty MOJABI, Aron BOTHMAN.
Hitchockian tension in stark contrasts.

Camille ANDRE, Marion BULOT, Clément DORANLO, Myriam FOURATI, Jonghyun JUNGBOIX, Alexis KERJOSSE, Sarah SIMON
Charming and mysterious fantasy

Mortal Breakup Inferno
Cartooniest cartoon! Hell hath no fury..

Wand S Wanderer
Nadya MIRA
Ghibli-esque dreamlike charmer

Standouts from previous years: jaw-dropping Le Royaume, WWII parable Trois Petits Points, fantasy-feature-crammed-into-4-mintes Fur

Gobelins previously, previously, previously,
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Nebula was definitely beautiful and fun. I'll be watching the others.
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Duo was lovely. I've seen Oktapodi (referenced in one of the previouslies), but I didn't know these little shorts were a regular school thing.
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Great post! DUO was incredible, I felt it was definitely the strongest. Nebula felt a little derivative of How to Train Your Dragon, though the smoke effects were great. Wand S Wanderer seemed a little off (which could mean it's genius for all I know.) Mortal Breakup Inferno super cute and visually charming.
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Cool shorts! I liked Duo and Nebula best, as they were really nicely animated and were both complete little stories. Wand S Wander (Wands Wander?) had an interesting story, but the animation was a bit rudimentary.
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It looks like Wand's Wander from the title screen, but the apostrophe didn't make it to Youtube.
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Still waiting for my feature length Pyrats!
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Wand's Wander is really cool. Felt kinda like an arty Adventure Time crammed into 3 minutes.
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Also it took me til like the 3rd video to remember that Gobelins was the name of the school, and not that each one was promising me a short about Goblins and not delivering.
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Finally! A cartoon festival that isn't dominated by death, mayhem, and maudlin crap. I can't remember the name of the very-popular amateur animation website, but I got so tired of films about war, executions, gruesome monsters, and everything emo.
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