Is rape the price to pay for migrant women chasing the American Dream?
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"Little by little, the time passes, and then... well, it's not that you enjoy working here. It's that the situation meets a need." (TW: sexual assault, rape)

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It sure doesn't stop once they get to the US, either.

Rape in the Fields - a series from the Center for Investigative Reporting.

A bill went to CA governor Jerry Brown's desk this summer that would require more training for field supervisors about sexual assault and rape prevention.

And "Farmworkers and many U.S. businesses are sparring over how to systemically address sexual abuse and other issues workers on farms around the country have raised — a conflict dating back to the 1960s that was portrayed in a recently released biopic about the iconic farmworkers’ rights advocate Cesar Chavez. Meanwhile, several corporations — including Walmart, the largest and perhaps most controversial U.S. retailer — are signing on to the Fair Food Program, a first-of-its-kind code of conduct developed by Florida farmworker advocates in 2011 to protect the state’s tomato-farm workers from sexual assault."
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