This individual moves in synch with the music (SLYT)
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Holy crap! How is this not actually a CGI manipulation? Astounded is the most mild word I can come up with! Thanks so much for posting!
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iGlide from the DragonHouse Crew is a frequent creator of how is that not CGI moments as well.
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I well know this isn't fake or anything, but on the other hand some of that stuff is obviously impossible for a human to do.

Therefore the only possible answer is: He must be a robot or a dozen squirrels wearing a human costume or something.
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Fik-Shun actually (and deservedly) won So You Think You Can Dance last year. Here's his audition. Here he is dancing jazz. Here he is dancing a waltz. Here he is dancing a contemporary routine. Here he's dancing with Stephen "Twitch" Boss, whom he is probably the evolution of. Here he is performing as an All-Star in the 2014 season.

Basically: Fik-Shun has body control on a level that is incredibly rare even for professional dancers and demonstrated repeatedly that he can dance at a top level in essentially any style; he was widely considered one of the fastest learners in SYTCYD history. He is an unbelievably rare talent.
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Slurm is a hell of a drug.
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First of all, goddamn.

Second of all, goddamn.

That was both super mesmerizing and super overwhelming to watch.
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Reminds me of this guy, who was posted on MeFi back in 2011.
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This seems to me like an evolutionary step beyond David Elsewhere. And also amazes me that it has been 13 years since this first blew my mind.
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Fik-Shun and Melanie Moore are probably my favorite SYTYCD winners; I love their jazz routine together. None of my picks won in the previous seasons.

The CGI-like moves are a dance style called animation, which is a form of popping. Cyrus Spencer, the runner-up in an earlier season of SYTYCD, specialized in this style. He was a great dancer, if not as incredibly versatile as Fik-Shun.

Fik-Shun is a dance-school kid - as opposed to "street" dancers without formal training, who rarely rise to the top on SYTYCD. Still, the raw talent there boggles the mind.
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If we're just talking animators on SYTYCD, it would be a horrible omission to not mention Jade and Blu-Print's dueling animation routine from two years ago.
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He's really good. I would contribute to some kind of fund to let him study with a great storyteller mime (in the vein of Marcel Marceau). If anyone else is interested in seeing what happens when Fik-Shun is combined with classical mime, MeMail me! He probably wouldn't do it, but oh geez I just see so much potential.
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When I was like 8 we took our first family trip to NYC and literally the only thing I was interested in doing was finding the corners where dudes were supposedly breakdancing on flattened cardboard boxes.

My daughter is about 3.5 years old and showing normal interest in dance class and such. It takes all the parenting know-how I have not to "tennis father" her: "NO! DO IT AGAIN! I'm sorry but you will not be eating ANYTHING until you get that left shoulder pop more on point."
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