Selected Lectures on Science and Engineering in the Boston Area
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If you live in the Boston area and would like to attend science, technology, math, or engineering lectures, you'll find Fred Hapgood's exhaustive and continually-updated list of Selected Lectures on Science and Engineering in the Boston Area very useful. (Here's his list of sources.) Perhaps you know of a list like this for lectures in your locality or field of preference?
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Thank you so much. I've got a relative visiting in October who was asking about events just like these so this is a great resource.

If anyone else has a similar listing for lectures in Politics or Popular Culture also in the Boston area, post 'em or memail me. I'll be in your debt.
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If you want to wrap your head around the intersection between difficult math and cutting-edge biology in Toronto, there are TorBUG research presentations at 4pm on the last Wednesday of every month in the Terrence Donnelly Centre on the U of T campus.

I usually fail to wrap my head around it, but I enjoy the challenge of trying. This month's upcoming talks are "Multi-locus GWAS analysis/genomic selection as a 'clique' problem solved through evolutionary computation" and "Normalization and Differential Expression in RNA-Seq".
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Boston Events that Don't Suck is another good one local to Boston. I have been dying to find one of these that is just simple, no bullshit, for the South Coast of MA or Central Vermont.
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Oooh, jessamyn, that's just what I was looking for. And if I were Canadian and still a grad student, clawsoon, I'd be there.
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Different field, different locality, but the Center for Ancient Studies at UPenn puts out a really nice email list every week on local lectures and exhibitions of interest in the Philadelphia region (there's a healthy dose of New York/New Jersey as well.)
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This is wonderful! It might be an inquiry better suited for Ask, but if anyone knows of similar aggregators for STEM (or other academic) lectures in other cities I'd love to know about them. Bonus points for Chicago!
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